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You're about to embark on a journey that will unlock your best health.  With the best products.  With the  results you've been searching for.

Essential oils have been around since the the time of baby Jesus. Those wise men certainly were wise! For years humans have been harnessing the power of plants to help their body naturally optimize itself to run with efficiently. Essential oils from Young Living are 100 percent therapeutic grad (top grad), rigorously tested with their Seed to Seal promise, and only sold if they meet strict standards set forth by the company.  

With the ability to support all 11 body systems you’ll surly fall in love with ...
• gaining your free will back and having the ability to control what you put in your body to help support it
• optimizing your body to get some energy back
• having the ability to make better decisions when it comes to your body and naturally protecting your family
• choosing to make better decisions so you can start to thrive
• having a secret weapon for situations that you encounter as a parent, spouse, friend, pet owner and really anything you can think up!

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Jam packed with everything you need to start your journey. TWELVE essential oils, a diffuser, plus samples of our BEST selling products. Yes, please! Unlock the power of essential oils with this perfect premium starter kit. 

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✓ 12 5ml essential oils & diffuser



$165 usd - $265 based on diffuser choice

Unlock the 12 most coveted oils that will surely kick off your journey on the right foot.  Watch the video for more information on each oil you will receive.

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Even Target only gives you 5% back on their purchases!  Enjoy 24% off of retail pricing when you purchase this starter kit!

✓ basic kit bonuses

Young Living loves to spoil you.  Stowed away is samples of NingXia Red, Thieves Cleaner and now Thieves Hand Sanitizer!  Enjoy your extra goodies! 

✓ quality seed to seal promise

Guarantee you are purchasing only PREMIUM essential oils.  Backed by their SEED TO SEAL PROMISE you will rest assure you are purchasing only the best of the very best!

✓ match your skin tone



$150 usd

Match any skin color with our 4 starter kit options!  Fully customizable to blend and cover any skin tone!

✓ free from harsh chemicals

All the beauty without all the YUCK!  Free from Parabens, Talc, Bismuth, Dyes and more!  Check out the website below for a full list!

✓ holy value!

23% off the cost of purchasing these products wholesale! Fall in love with natural makeup and your best self. 

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No more compromising beauty for your health. Check out SAVVY MINERALS WEBSITE HERE

✓ main ingredient is thieves



$160 usd

Thieves is a member favorite based off of it's spicy, cinnamony aroma and it's tough immune boosting power 

✓ whole home revamp

Getting rid of the toxic chemicals in your home can be hard.  This kit makes it easy to ditch and switch main game players that may be damaging your health.

✓ Unmatched quality

Backed by Young Livings SEED TO SEAL PROMISE you can guarantee the products you are bringing into your home will be free of harsh chemicals and the BEST quality for your home

✓ whole line of goodness

You don't have to stop at the starter kit!  There is an entire line dedicated to getting the yuck out of your house.  You can find more products HERE.




$170 usd

NingXia Red® is a delicious superfruit beverage that combines whole Ningxia wolfberry puree

✓ hello energy

If you've been looking for energy you may want to add NingXia Red into your everyday wellness routine.  Packed with goodness you body will surely thank you for!

✓ Overall body love 

Because of all the nutrient rich ingredients all of the body systems will benefit from just one ounce a day!

✓ drink in the benefits

All you need is 1 ounce a day to reap in the benefits of this antioxidant rich drink.  Check out THIS SHEET to see all that the red juice blend has to offer.

CHANGED LIVES from Young Living members

My current favorite recipes

3 drops Orange essential oil, 2 drops Bergamot essential oil, 2 drops Grapefruit essential oil, 2 drops Lime essential oil, 1 drop Eucalyptus or Wintergreen essential oils

grouch be gone for kid & adults

In your Young Living diffuser put in the appropriate water as stated on the diffuser directions. Then put 8 drops of Orange Essential Oil and 3-4 drops of Thieves Essential Oil. Use more or less based on your preference.

happy immune booster diffuser blend

¼ cup Epsom salt, 2 drops Copaiba essential oil, 2 drops PanAway® essential oil blend, Warm water
Directions: Mix Epsom salt and essential oils in a small bowl. Add salt mixture to warm water.
Sit back, relax, and let your feet soak for 15–30 minutes.

tropical resort foot soak

4 drops Lavender essential oil, 2 drops Cedarwood essential oil, 2 drops Vetiver essential oil, 2 drops Geranium essential oil

dream land express diffuser blend

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Take the FREE 17 minute online class where you'll get introduced to the Young Living lifestyle and how millions of families have experienced the life changing way they enhance their life and health.

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